Valve were traditionally supplied with manual operators, a lever or a handwheel. This meant that the person who needed a Valve to be closed would be required to travel to the valve location and operate the manual operator.

Around the 1940’s manufacturers began to mass produce devices to operate Valve remotely which became know as Actuators. Actuators allow each iindividual Valbve to be operated from a Control Room without visiting the Valve location.

This represented a quantum change for the Valve industry and the Process industry which it serves. The market for Actuators and associated systems is now large and growing fast as more and more processes become highly automated, responding to complex central systems which manage process control and plant safety.

Ascendant Technologies is a specialist systems integrator with huge experience in designing and building Valve control systems.

Actuators divide into 3 main types:

  1. Quarter turn rotary – 90 degree rotation
  2. Multi-turn rotary – unlimited number of turns
  3. Linear – only linear movement with stroke distance dependant on Valve type and size

Quarter Turn Rotary

Quarter turn Actuators are fitted to valve categories such as:

  • Ball Valves – Floating and Trunnion designs
  • Butterfly Valves – On-centre, Double Offset and Triple Offset designs
  • Plug Valves – Sleeved and Pressure Sealed designs

Multi-turn Rotary

Multi-turn rotary Actuators are fitted to Valve categories such as:

  • Gate Valves – Wedge, Slab, Thro-conduit and Knife Gate designs
  • Globe Valves – On/Off or Control types

Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators are fitted to Valve catagories such as:

  • Gate Valves – Wedge, Slab, Thro-conduit and Knife Gate designs
  • Globe Valves – On/Off or Control types
  • Axial Valves – On/Off or Control types

Ascendant Technologies is proficient in the specification, system design, assembly and testing of Actuators of all types listed above and to all Valves listed above. We can either supply the Valve or it can be free issued to us. We also offer the following related services;

  • Goods Inwards inspection 
  • Offshore painting
  • Machining
  • Mounting kit design and fabrication
  • Function testing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Hosting 3rd party Inspectors
  • Project equipment marshalling
  • Export packing
  • Technical documentation
  • Export documentation
  • Arranging shipping to any global location

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