Electric Actuators

In remote applications or those where pneumatic or hydraulic power supplies are not available, many valves are specified with electric actuators. Electric actuators are available to suit most valve sizes but it should be noted that for the largest sizes, a gearbox is required to multply the motor output torque and the resulting gearbox ratio  will result in slower operation. This should be considered when selectng an electric actuator for use on a large valve.

Quarter turn (typically for Ball and Butterfly Valves) and multi-turn (for Gate and Globe Valves) designs are available. There are also a small number of linear drive types available where rotary motion is converted to linear within the actuator casing.

Electric actuators can be used in hazardous areas when specified explosion proof, however they are rarely used in intrinsically safe areas where power consumption and current draw are too high.

They can also be used in applications where submersion is required. Very shallow water requires a simple O ring change whereas deep submersion is also possible – but with a very special electric actuator indeed!

Our range of Electric Actuators includes heavy duty rotary and linear designs with integral manual overrides and facility for remote control via DCS or Profi-bus.


  • Power fail stay-put
  • Modulating (Control)
  • Profi-bus control
  • Non-intrusive setting facility
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Torque range – up to 800,000NM (7,000,000 lbf.in)
  • Thrust range – up to 50KN (11,240 lbf)
  • Supply – single or 3 phase, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Approvals – CE, ATEX, GOST, InMetro, Kosha, Nepsi, CSA/UL
  • Painting – Epoxy paint to customer or project specification

Additional Services

  • Automation system design using CAD
  • Supply of complete assembled and tested automated Valves
  • Fitting of automation assembly to free-issue Valves
  • Fitting and Testing of customer supplied components (engineering and labour only)