Direct Gas Actuators

Direct Gas Actuators are used on gas transmission pipelines where the hydro-carbons are “sweet” (do not contain Hydrogen Sulphide). Due to the lack of other power sources, the pipeline pressure is used to power the actuator. If Hydrogen Sulphide were to be present in the gas stream, it would attack the metal structure and cause premature failure.

For application where Hydrogen sulphide is present, see Gas over Oil Actuators page

Our range of Direct Gas Actuators includes heavy duty scotch yoke (rotary) and heavy duty linear cylinder. We can provide a wide range of options as shown below.


  • Double Acting (DA)
  • Spring Return (SR)
  • Modulating (Control)
  • Torque range – up to 400,000NM
  • Thrust range – up to 50KN
  • Supply – min 10 bar, max 104 bar
  • Low temperature versions to -60C
  • Approvals – CE, ATEX, SIL4, GOST, InMetro, Kosha, Nepsi, CSA/UL
  • Painting – Epoxy paint to customer or project specification
  • Accessories – see Component supply
  • Automation systems – see Automation systems

Additional Services

  • Automation system design using CAD
  • Design and supply of valve to actuator adaption kits
  • Supply of complete assembled and tested automated Valves
  • Fitting of automation assembly to free-issue Valves
  • Fitting and Testing of customer supplied components (engineering and labour only)
  • Training on or off site