Self-contained Actuators

Self-contained Actuators are used in remote or un-manned locations where power supplies are not available. These are typically small wellhead applications but this design can be equally useful in any remote location where there is a risk of explosion or environmental damage from spillage.

Each unit is pumped open using the integral manual override pump, then latches in position (with spring compressed) waiting for a process upset to be sensed. Once a signal is received – tyically a high pressure even, the unit will trigger, using the spring to move the Valve to the fail safe (normally closed) position and will not open again until manually pumped back to the set position. This prompts an Operator to visit the location and diagnose (and fix) the issue.

Our range of Self-contained Actuators includes heavy duty scotch yoke (rotary) and heavy duty linear cylinder. We can provide a wide range of options as shown below.


  • Double Acting (DA)
  • Spring Return (SR)
  • Torque range – up to 20,000NM
  • Thrust range – up to 10KN
  • Supply – from hand pump
  • low temperature versions to -60C
  • Approvals – CE, ATEX, SIL4, GOST, InMetro, Kosha, Nepsi, CSA/UL
  • Painting – Epoxy paint to customer or project specification
  • Accessories – see Component supply
  • Automation systems – see Automation systems

Additional Services

  • Automation system design using CAD
  • Design and supply of valve to actuator adaption kits
  • Supply of complete assembled and tested automated Valves
  • Fitting of automation assembly to free-issue Valves
  • Fitting and Testing of customer supplied components (engineering and labour only)
  • Training on or off site