Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Ascendant designs and builds Hydraulic Power Units intended to provide hydraulic power to individual or closely grouped hydraulically actuated Valves.

Our units are topside only (not submersible) and generally include Hydraulic Accumulators so that the Pump/Motor does not have to operate with every action of the Valve.

Units vary in size from those which can be mounted to the actuator (like a Control Panel) to units the size of a shipping container which include large numbers of Accumulators.

Lifting frames can be carbon steel (offshore painted) or stainless steel which is fabricated by coded welders with all welds being checked by NDE. We also carry out lifting calculations to ensure that the complete unit is safe to lift.

Components are specially sized and selected  for capacity and flow to ensure that Valve open/close cycle times are met, in view of all site variables such as type of hydraulic fluid and ambient temperature.

Controls for the HPU can be configured to interface with your control system using your site standard components. We can also install a PLC type controller if logic is required to be driven locally as opposed to from your DCS.