Stainless Steel Actuators

Our range of stainless steel actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic, includes Double scotch yoke, Single scotch yoke (heavy duty) and heavy duty linear cylinder. They are particularly suitable for corrosive offshore or onshore environments, commonly found in Oil and Gas, Mining and Chemical sectors. 

All models are entirely 316 grade stainless steel, but in cases of extreme corrosion can also be painted with an offshore epoxy paint.

For high corrosion environments, Ascendant always recommends fitting an enclosed breather system on the actuator to ensure that the corrosive atmosphere cannot affect the inside components of the Actuator where corrision cannot be seen.


  • Double Acting (DA)
  • Spring Return (SR)
  • Modulating (Control)
  • Partial Stroke for critical shutdown valves
  • Fast acting
  • High cycling
  • Torque range – up to 400,000NM
  • Thrust range – up to 50KN
  • Supply – min 3 bar, max 30 bar pneumatic or 30 bar to 200 bar hydraulic
  • Temperatures down to -60C
  • Approvals – CE, ATEX, CSA/UL
  • Painting – Epoxy paint to customer or project specification can be applied
  • Accessories – see Component supply
  • Automation systems – see Automation systems

Additional Services

  • Automation system design using CAD
  • Design and supply of valve to actuator adaption kits
  • Design and supply of control systems, panels and cabinets
  • Supply of complete assembled and tested automated Valves
  • Fitting of automation assembly to free-issue Valves
  • Fitting and Testing of customer supplied components (engineering and labour only)